Develop Teams & Individuals Essay

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Develop Team and Individuals Assessment #1

Developing a Training Needs Analysis Plan for a Workplace Team

Team Purpose and Goals:

To improve customer services skills making the everyday running of Dominos Pizza more financially successful, in order for us to do we must first look at what is valued in terms of customer service.

• Form - the product looks attractive to both prospective and repeat customers.
• Time - the product is available when the customer wants it.
• Possession - the product is easy to purchase and customers have ease of mind knowing that if they are unhappy staff will be happy to resolve the issue (Woods,W.A, Zemke, A, 1999)

In looking at these values the following goals have been established:

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• Maintaining sanitation, health, and safety and hygiene standards to that of Food Authority Board of NSW.
• Ensure clean food preparation areas, cooking surfaces, and utensils.
• Operate a large-volume pizza oven.
• Measure ingredients required for the specific pizza being prepared.
• Receive and understand verbal menu orders requested by the customer.

The Focus of the Training Needs Analysis and Training Plan:

The basic need for the training plan is to improve on customer service and selling skills, as well as training staff on the new Dominos ordering system. The staff have a reasonable knowledge of products but the performance gap is that they have no knowledge or competency in using the new order taking system, in the same manner staff can communicate effectively with the customer but do not know how to use selling and customer service skills such as up-selling or dispute resolution.

The two areas are being focused on because they are both very important when it comes to delivering fast results, providing easy procedures and personal attention (Leduc B., 2004)

Learning the ordering system is a vital part of the running of the store because it is the first step towards placing an order and towards making a profit. The ordering system is designed to make the pizza making process more efficient and the time it takes between ordering the product and receiving it less time consuming for the customer meeting the

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