Reflective Paper On Group Counseling

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The most significant things I learned about group counseling in this course is how to work with members different characteristics. There will be a lot of different characteristics when working with group members. The counselor should be able to identify each member characteristics as it will help the counselor know the group members. I also learn the ethical and legal issues of counseling groups. Before the counselor starts the group counseling, the counselor needs to go over legal and ethical issues with the group. One of the ethical concerns is confidentiality. Counselor needs to make sure every members understand confidentiality. The counselor can have members acknowledge confidentiality by signing a consent and acknowledging they understand. I also learned before selecting the group members it is important for the counselor to screen the group members. It is important for a counselor to do the intake with each group member to get a better understanding of the member. Also by conducting intake the counselor will have a better understanding of which member he/she will like in their group.
The most significant thing I learned about myself as a potential group leader is that I need experience. It was a great experience when the professor show us a
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I always give my attention to the person that needs my attention. I’m a good listener and a good advisor. I will be a great listener to the counseling group with this confidence I will be able to understand others and give them my feedback when necessary. Group members will not feel uncomfortable opening up with me because I like members to feel comfortable when talking and expressing their emotions. I like to hear them out before they get to hear from me. One of the lack of confidence I think about leading counseling groups is that I do not know when to say no to a member. I need to work on having boundaries and make sure members do not take advantage of my

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