Coping Response Inventory Adult Form: A Summary

The two assessments that were administered to the client were the Gambler Addiction Index (GAI) and the Coping Response Inventory Adult Form (CRI). The purpose of the GAI is to measure the severity and intensity of an individual’s gambling addiction. In addition to, the assessment measures the strong impulses an individual has to gamble and the harmful consequences of gambling. The rationale of selecting this assessment for the client, Alan, was because in the previous session, Alan mentioned an accident that occurred while drinking and instead of administering another alcohol abuse assessment, the GAI provided a scale to measure alcohol use and abuse. Furthermore, individuals with gambling addiction lie or try to minimize their addiction problem; however, the GAI includes a truthfulness scale that measure how truthful the individual was while completing the assessment. The GAI was …show more content…
Furthermore, counselors need adhere to the Responsibilities of Users of Standardized Tests (RUST Statement) and the Rights and Responsibilities of Test Takers before administering an assessment to a client. Counselors need to select the appropriate assessment based on the developmental stage and interpersonal process of each client. In addition to, considering a client’s culture before administering an assessment is also an important ethical strategy. When score and recording the data from an assessment, it is important that counselors try to avoid any error. Another ethical strategy when selecting assessments is to only select instruments that are appropriate for the level of education of the counselor and assessments that the counselor is trained in administering. Lastly, during the counseling process it is important for counselor to collaborate with clients and explain each assessment being used on the

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