Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Forever and ever the road seemed to stretch, as though it was designed with no end in mind — as though it was designed to go on forever. This would not have been all that bad had it not been for the fact that I was treading in territory somewhere deep in the heart of Mission, Texas, a city entirely unfamiliar to me. I was surrounded by an unknown frontier, and I knew not which way led home. To make matters a little worse, I had my younger brother, Diego, age 14, in the passenger seat beside me. Driving with me is not unfamiliar to him, since he 's been a frequent passenger of mine since I received my license. He is not the kind to worry, fret, whine, or complain, which I am thankful for. However, a small fault though it may be, I often find him changing the radio channels just when a good song comes on. Often times I would glance over to take a look at his face and see if he had guessed our current situation. Perhaps he was still deciding whether I was merely taking a long detour or hopelessly lost. We don 't talk too much to each other, and I 'd like to think that it 's because we understand each other without the need of verbal communication. It did not all start out badly; I actually knew where I was going at first. I had reviewed the route in my head before taking off, and I had confidence in my internal compass. It was just that, once I hit a street with a familiar name, neither my brother nor I knew which way we were supposed to turn. I did some mental…

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