Short Story: Dancing Rabbit Creek

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Stopping twice, for about a half an hour total, Charity was not sure how far they actually made it that first day. Having come to a bend in a good-sized river, she halted the wagons about thirty minutes before dark; it looked to be a good camping spot. She thought it might be the Oconee River she saw on the map at the mercantile, but was not sure. She had tried to memorize the map, however, seeing it on a two foot by three foot map hanging on a wall and actually traveling it, were two entirely different realities. At first, she tried to stay due north, but it was not possible unless they plunged the wagons off into the river; she opted to follow a well-traveled road that followed the river- she knew it had to go somewhere important; that was …show more content…
“I wish the Great Spirit would send us a bunch of rabbits! I shore could go for some fried up or roasted rabbit right about now.” The other children laughed.
“It’s not nice to poke fun at the Great Spirit,” Charity chided. “In one way or another, The Great Spirit provides for us all, and maybe soon, he will provide us with some rabbits.” Suddenly, Charity remembered that her grandmother used to make rabbit snares to catch rabbits. It was an option she had not thunk of before, but one that she and the boys could easily accomplish. All they would need was some willow branches and some vines. “We need to get some rest. I want to leave very early in the morning.”
“I liked your story, Mama,” Charles said. “Maybe one day, I can go off on my own and meditate about being a great
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She lay for hours it seemed, trying to fall sleep; her mind was traveling everywhere but to sleep land. When the sky to the east pinked, she woke all the children; they were on the road before the sun was up in the sky good. Again, they traveled, until about an hour before dark only stopping twice to let the children stretch their legs and use the bathroom. They again made camp by the river. This day, however, Charity has left the boys setting up camp, while she took the old musket and walked up along the

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