Personal Narrative: My Family Trip To Galveston, Texas

Salty air, sunny skies and sand in-between my toes, there’s nothing like the beach in Galveston, Texas. Every year around the time the Texas heat starts to become unbearable, my family takes a beach trip to the coast. The Cooper annual trip usually consists of countless arguments between my siblings and parents, deep sea fishing and surfing on the beach. This year would be no different, with a few exceptions. The trip started off with the usual “Who gets to pick the radio station” fight. While I listened to the constant yammer of “NPR is educational” and “I want to listen to Hannah Montana” I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. I have three siblings, Blake is 23 and knows everything, Austin is 15 and immature and Brisa is the 7-year-old angel. I wasn’t prepared to listen to everyone’s complaints and the bumpy road didn’t help. After four hours in the car the Cooper clan finally made it to Galveston. I looked at the sunset outlining the beautiful blue ocean and couldn’t wait to be in the water. After a short trip to H-E-B for food and fishing supplies, we made it to our hotel. I wasn't looking forward to sharing a room with my little sister, but it was better than sleeping with the boys. I closed my eyes for some much needed sleep and dreamt …show more content…
Brisa was upset she couldn't go deep sea fishing and had to stay behind with mom. Amidst the noise, I quickly began to get ready and jump in the van, I knew the boat would wait for nobody. Once everyone calmed down and joined me, we were ready to go. A quick five minute drive took us to Don’s Fishing Dock, a local favorite known for their famous red snapper fish and shrimp. Brad and John, tan surfer dudes, were responsible for our fishing venture. The two greeted us right away and told the Coopers to hop in the boat. The little fishing boat rocked back and forth aggressively from the high tide, but the guides seemed calm and collected, so we joined

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