Describe My Experience In The Classroom

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Describe your situation, the grade level, school (elementary, high, special, magnet, intermediate) the type of classroom, self-contained, inclusion, general education.
For my observation, I went to Augusta Evan. I was placed in a math class for grade 9-12. Augusta Evans is a special education. In the classroom I was in I had students of all different levels.

Describe the classroom atmosphere.
The first day I was at Augusta Evan, we were in the computer lab the whole time. The students were very quiet and respectful. Each student would play math games until I could call them over to the computer to be test for math or literacy. On the second day, I was in the actual classroom. The students were again very calm and respectful. The
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Was there evidence of effective instructional strategies being used (Marzano’s, Bloom’s, MI, UDL)?
I feel that Ms. O’D used Bloom Taxonomy the most. She had the student create a number line by 10s, analyze the number value of money, apply their pervious knowledge to online math games, and remember the names of numbers. I liked that she used Youtube in her class. Many of the students have trouble counting and Ms. O’D uses a number exercise song to help the student remember. I would have never thought of that. The students also LOVE to use the smart board; it was a delight to see a child face light up when they got to go to the board.
What did you like best about this experience? Least?
I loved being with the students. I honestly did not want to leave. I never thought I would enjoy a math class, but these students stole my heart. I loved giving one-on-one with some of the students. I also loved helping them grade their papers. I did not like that Ms. O’D kept telling me how I will never have students like this in my class. I did not like that she would talk negatively about the students in front of them. It broke my heart.

If this were your classroom, what might you have done

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