Special Education Classroom Observation Examples

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First of all I would like to start my paper with detailed information about schools that I had my observation experiences at. I visited three different classrooms in two different schools. First classroom I visited was at Kiser Dayton Public School, preschool classroom with IEP and special education program. Second school was Horizon Science Academy, where I observed fifth grade and recourse room. Lastly I visited Kiser schools again, and observed Self contained multiple disability classrooms. I had a great involvement with these three amazing teachers that help me to understand how important and valuable is it to be a special education teacher.
Ms. Szumnarksi is an amazing teacher with great teaching strategies and friendship family communication. I really liked how her classroom
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Classroom was a little bit small, but well designed, they had a smart board 2 iPod’s and 5 computers. There is not a functional curriculum in resource room; each student was assigned a different work based on their knowledge. To define students progress Horizon Science Academy uses NWEA testing. Special education teacher was in the classroom, as well as IEP teacher, that were providing extra help for students. This resource room had a schedule that teacher was following; Homework, IEP goals, Moby Max, which is online training, I- Excel Centers to practice math work, Accelerated Reader, and of course a free time when everything is done. Students in this classroom looked very lazy to me, they were not rushing on completing their work. I didn’t observed much motivation from a teacher, which is very important for students to set up goals and be motivated to achieve them. In my opinion, they were getting too much waver from being in this program, they looked very normal to me, and few of them had developmental delays but otherwise they looked disinterested, which was very sad to

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