Dentistry Personal Statement Essay

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Personal Statement

"Promote the elevation of the standards and practices of the art and science of dentistry worldwide."
Pierre Fauchard, Father of Modern Dentistry
When I was a kid, I used to stay with my father, who is an ENT surgeon for long hours. My father’s devotion towards patient left an indelible mark on my mind and led me choose the profession that make people smile. It’s my dream to make people smile without pain and establish a career in research and educate people about advanced dental science. I would like to devote myself to fulfill the aim of father of modern dentistry with my knowledge, enthusiasm, and efforts.

During my rotations, I took initiatives in primary prevention, lecturing in the community on dental hygiene and nutrition. This enhanced rapport, taught me how to instill patient confidence, obtain their trust and foster compliance. I felt pride when Government awarded our efforts, and saw Dentistry as my niche. I also learned the importance of work division and complementing one another to accomplish the task during health awareness campaigns. It was my pleasure to join
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Compliments from the patients keep me motivated and make me believe that I am diligent and reliable physician. My beliefs were affirmed when I received excellent grades and the best evaluation in root canal procedural skills among my peers. My interest was piqued in Endodontic and subsequently, I explore the field of Endodontic by attending lectures from renowned Dentists in India! The lectures stimulated me intellectually and inspired me to go extra mile and perform more root canal procedures after hours. Being passionate about painting, I often draw similarities between painting and dental work. I could see how any artistic ability become incredibly enhanced by repetitions and rehearsals in both of

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