Daycare Observation Report

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I observed at Nazareth child care center in Jamaica Plain. This is a catholic charity that has many different locations in many different areas in Massachusetts. The location is set up by age group. There are 3 different classrooms downstairs (infant, infant toddler, and the toddler room). The Preschool classrooms are upstairs. The preschool is funded through Boston Public Schools and there are 3 different classrooms separated by age. The center is in a nice neighborhood. It 's middle class mostly, but many children in the daycare have vouchers through the government. The neighborhood has a couple of parks, a community center, and a library right down the street. Overall, the center is in a pretty nice area.
There are currently 6 children in the infant room. They come from many different backgrounds including middle class to low economics classes and single family and 2 parents households. There are many children that live with grandparents and other family members. There are 3 girls and 3 boys in the classroom. Some of the children are Latino, some are white, and others are black/African American. They are between the ages of four months and a year and five months. They are all at different levels in their development. None of the children have diagnosed special
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I went into the center during free play time. Free play is about an hour long. It falls in between breakfast and circle time. The kids were free to rome around the room and pick their own choice to toys that were all accessible to them. The teachers placed some sensory activities out such as paint for them to paint on paper using their fingers. She also placed some dry oatmeal on the table for the children to play with. Then she added water and changed the consistency to give the kids a different sensory experience. There were many different choices the children could pick from. There were cause and effect toys, motor toys, and much

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