Customer Services at Datatronics Essay

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Introduction 3
Problems Identified 3
1. Budget allocation 4
2. Taking authority of customer services 5
3. Maintaining website 5
4. Feedback by customer 5
5. SWOT analysis 5
6. Team work 5
Conclusion 6
References 7

Datatronics is a leading organization which serves their customers with Enterprise resource planning integrated solutions. Matt, leading a small team of developers at E-Z RP for fully integrated CRM/ERP/service management suit for small and medium sized enterprises. Matt’s team was working actively for sales and customer group. EZ-RP was able to manage the profitable business in SME and it has made a name for itself in the world of business which had
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• Costs seemed to be the driving force behind the department, everything used to carry out keeping cost in the mind instead of the customer satisfaction.

After the Matt’s review on the situation of the customer service department at Datatronics, I will replace Matt by me and would like to suggest the below recommendations to the department.
Before providing any case sheet in order to improve the customer service at Datatronics, first we need to have the following information about the department. Like how many customer service representatives are working. Then what is the current data and knowledge of the products. How much time a representative is spending on a customer.
Customer service representatives – First step to improve the standards is to change the way of hiring and acquiring the representatives in to the department and giving them the proper training about the company products. Making them to learn the ethics and communications skills so that they will be able to properly attend the customers and this in turn will lead to customer satisfaction.
• Budget allocation – According to the Joel, their first and foremost priority in the company is to manage the budget. But instead of managing it they were decreasing the costs that should generally go to the customer service department. So I would recommend that instead of decreasing the costs which is not beneficiary we should be able to

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