Customer Service Essay

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Manage Quality Customer Service
Assessment 3 1. Define customer behaviour researchWhether you are a manufacturer or a retailer, a mid-sized company, or someone with a small business that caters for various customers and clients in a niche market, consumer research is vital for your business to succeed. consumer research they are trying to identify reasons for purchasing a product, usually customers hesitates to reveal their reasons or motivational factor which made them to purchase a product or service at that time the consumer researchers use the two different types of research methodology to study consumer behavior: quantitative research and qualitative research. | 2. Identify 8 factors that influence customer
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What is CRM and what does it involve?Customer Relationship Management deals with all the interactions between a company and its customers, with an eye toward keeping customers happy and helping the business succeed. CRM helps a company offer better customer service, which in turn supports increased revenue. CRM strategies might include identifying customers who are most likely to respond to cross-selling or up-selling products. Another aspect might involve targeting marketing efforts for a specific product toward a specific segment of customers. | 8. What are the 2 main goals of CRM?The objective of CRM is to enable a business to learn who its customers are and what value they can bring to the business, in order to increase the business' profit margin.By understanding customers' needs and adjusting your operations to meet those needs, you enhance your relationship with customers and increase their loyalty. | 9. What does the law require, in terms of product quality?Safe products - You are entitled to expect that every retailer, manufacturer and importer in Australia complies with product safety laws.Quality products and services - All products must be safe, durable, free from defects, fit for purpose, acceptable in appearance, match its description and match any sample or demonstration model.Honesty and

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