Customer Service Essay

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Customer Service – Sales Assignment

January 27/2012

Automatic Data Processing

My target market are mid size companies with annual incomes from 5 to 25 million dollars a year; the number of employees goes from 50 to 300 and the location will be Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington area.
My resources are based on information collected in Profile Canada website, Canada Business Directory, and the actual source ADP provided me but also my own network of information.
The characteristics of these companies are the need to decrease cost in order to reach compete with bigger companies and extend the market.
The philosophy of these companies is to tent to reduce
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An example could be the following:
100 employees
40 hours/week per employee
Pay-period – bi weekly (26 pay periods)
Average wage - $17.00/hour
Weekly hours use by the company to manage payroll – 25/30
Gross pay for payroll worker - $80.000 annually (2 workers)

Based on the annual saving calculator provided by the company website that I will show them from y Ipad, the saving results will be the follow:

Recovering 25% of time lost due to long lunches and breaks, early departures - $14,733
Reducing error rate due to manual processing by only 0.5% - $17,680
Eliminating manual calculation of time cards - $12,500
Total annual estimated savings from time and labour management automation - $44,913


Assessment questions –
a) How many employees do you have in your company?
b) Do you have more than one location/facility?

Discovery questions –
a) I understand you have two employees at the payroll department witch it means 80 hours a week. Could you please let me know how many hours a week do they really expend on their duties?
b) Do you make sure your payroll department is up to date on tax, source deductions and benefits rates and government changes? Do you know if you qualify for a lower rate with WSIB?

Activation questions –
a) Do you know that statistically proved about 70% of the Canadian companies are not aware of their

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