Customer Service Procedures For Service Essay

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To meet the required expectation and demand of the customer within any given business, a level of service needs to be met and adhered to. As a consequence, the level to which this is successfully achieved reflects either a good or bad customer service.
In order to establish how well a customer’s satisfaction has been addressed, through either a product or service, policies can be implemented to help identify to both customer and staff alike what to expect. “Customer service procedures are the routines and detailed steps an organisation uses to deliver its customer service. Some organisations have formal procedures in writing and use those to train staff and to monitor service” (Institute Of Customer Service, 2015).
At each stage of interaction between customer and company, “Customer Service” should be evident and in practice. From initial contact through to completion, the process of ensuring happy customers is the joint effort and responsibility of all involved within the business. “Customer service is not just getting the customer to buy the product or service; it is the service the customer gets before, during and after they have purchased the product or service.” Trotter (2013, p. 2).
Satisfaction of customers is usually directly reflective of revenue, it is therefore highly important to get it right. Policies can help maintain repeat business, strengthen reputation and consequently grow a business. “Employees also need the right type and level of training to perform…

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