Customer Service and Holiday Retreat Essays

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Read the case study. Your assessor will request that you analyse the data and material presented to make recommendations for changing the customer service processes and culture.
Specifically, you are required to:
• identify Brad’s major customers
• prepare a customer service policy for Brad’s business
• prepare a standard for handling complaints
• prepare a work instruction for handling a complaint
• give an example of how you would change an element of the customer service system in response to the complaint about the quality of the meals
• outline how you would change the work culture in the kitchen
• outline how you would evaluate the customer service Brad’s Holiday Retreat gives in the future
• design a customer
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All in all, Brad’s Holiday Retreat prides itself on providing customer satisfaction every time, no matter the cost. However, Brad and Rosemary had relied solely on their ability to “stay on top of things” and had no formal standards or work instructions in place. Training consisted of on the job training and was at the discretion of the senior full time employees.
Customer service survey results
A recent customer service survey indicated that the quality of meals was important or very important (70%). Survey results for the quality of the meals had reduced significantly over the last three surveys. The last survey indicated that:
• 20% of customers had to wait too long
• 10% of customers thought the meals were over cooked
• 20% of customers thought their meals were not warm enough when served
• 5% of customer would not come back again because of the quality of the meals.
Customer complaints
Brad’s Holiday Retreat had also fielded four written customer complaints about the restaurant service in the last two months. One of the complaints indicated that the guest felt that they were not really welcome in the restaurant.
The body of the letter of complaint read:
Dear Sir,
I visited your Retreat last week with my wife. We were retracing the steps of our honeymoon 20 years ago. Then, we were a bit more adventurous and spent the time camping, ‘getting away from it all’ together. We were delighted when we were planning the trip to learn of places

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