Essay about Customer Satisfaction

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Best Practices in Customer Satisfaction

Best Practices in Customer Satisfaction With quality management philosophies that are considered customer-centric such as Kaizen and the Deming Total Quality Management (TQM), quality cannot be reached without the “voice of the customer” (VOC) being heard. Satisfying internal and external customers is the root of quality. Companies that continuously strive for satisfaction with their clients use tools such as the Kano model of customer satisfaction or get ISO 9000 certified (Evans & Lindsay, 2010). Any industry that has been around for a while develops a set of “best practices,” processes that have proven themselves over time. This essay looks at some of methods used by companies to attain
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After all, you cannot reach a destination if you don’t know what it is. Professor Aken also advocates defining which elements and sub elements should be measured before the third step, designing the survey. When designing the survey, attention should be given to the actual questions, the order they are in, different categories and response categories such as 1 (very dissatisfied) and 5(very satisfied or excited). Step four involves determining the method of delivery such as on a customer receipt, and how often it should be used. The final three steps are to design the sampling plan and what types of demographics are targeted and which questions are meant for all and what is meant to be segmented, designing the analysis and portrayal methods, and finally determining the review process. Designing the review process is very important, understanding the feedback is critical to success (Van Aken, 2008). Engagement of the customer also helps promote more feedback. The Kentucky Cabinet for Families and Children (CFC) initiated a system to engage their customers through mail contact in September of 2001. The approach included focus on distribution, segmentation and analysis of results, within a structured process that is repeatable. CFC wanted more results to provide a better sampling of data. To achieve this, they used three main goals connected to methods they can use

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