Customer Satisfaction at Brite Bank Essay

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Brite Bank commenced operations a couple of years back and has a network of 25 branches, primarily operating in Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Nagpur and some district capitals in Maharashtra. Started by a group of industrialists, the bank has been able to quickly commence operations and currently has more than 25,000 customers in its fold. The top and middle level management have been recruited from large private sector banks and are industry veterans. Ms Sneha Kulkarni, COO was a high flyer at one of the largest private sector banks, when she joined Brite. Her vision was to create a work force that could be nurtured on the vision and values of Brite Bank. Hence, all branch level officers and
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Transaction Banking and Credit Cards Tabulate the findings of the survey as per the following format: i.
Customer Type Professional Own Business Overall Score

Transaction Banking
Overall Feedback Customer Service Range of Products Convenience Internet Banking Mobile Banking Phone Banking Query Handling

Marketing Metrics

Sriram D

ASSIGNMENT 1 ii. Credit cards
Customer Type Professional Own Business Overall Score Overall Feedback Value Offered Reward Programs Redemption Convenience Promotions & Offers

1. 2. 3.

Calculate the Net Promoter Score for Transaction Banking & Credit Cards Which factors contribute to the overall satisfaction of Transaction Banking and Credit Cards Based on the table above: a. Record the factor where the bank is faring well (Top box score) b. Record the factors where the bank has to improve (Bottom two box score) c. Suggest how you intend to improve the scores. Review of Customer facing Touch Points

The bank has divided the customer facing touch points into eight dimensions and has obtained feedback on all of them. A brief description of dimensions is provided

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