Customer Loyalty Goal : Customer Satisfaction By Offering Great Service, Food, And Rewards Program

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• Customer loyalty goal: To ensure customer satisfaction by offering great service, food, and a rewards program.
We want to make the difference from other food trucks in South Florida. Besides offering great food and service to our customers, we want to engage them in our rewards program. On their first visit customers will receive a punch card. For every five visits, they would have the option of picking one item from the menu for free. Not many food trucks offer that and it will serve as an incentive for our customers to visit our food truck again. Frank A. Tillman and Deandra T. Cassone explain in their book “A Professional 's Guide to Decision Science and Problem Solving: Define the Objectives and Identify Metrics” that objectives for food industry companies should focus on the improvement of contract performance, customer management, profitability, sales increase, and market position (Frank, T., & Cassone, D. 2012). These goals alone would help us improve almost all of these areas if we achieve it.
• Menu and recipe goal:
To offer a special meal and/or dessert that changes on a monthly basis apart from our regular menu items.
Caribbean bliss is focused on offering customers food inspired from Caribbean cuisine. We want to offer some traditional dishes while adding some other fusion dishes inspired by our chef. In order to maintain the difference and attractiveness we would like to add a temporary special dish every month. It will give our customers the option of…

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