Customer Loyalty At Active Web Group Essay

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Research shows that segmented email campaigns possess a 14.25% open rate compared to non-segmented campaigns.

Targeted messages grab people’s attention. And SaaS teams must direct that attention to converting buyers into loyal customers.

“While enticing new customers is important, no marketing channel can boost loyalty the way that email can. Since people typically sign up for email to be notified about promotions you can use that information to increase sales,” says David Marinaccio, email marketing manager at Active Web Group.

Segmentation is an effective method to deliver the right message to the right person. It helps personalize the shopping experience to increase sales.

Let’s explore how your next email campaign can retain more customer relationships.

The Value of Customer Loyalty
Customer loyalty is how your business will continue to grow.

Satisfied consumers keep purchasing your products, tell their friends about your brand, and don’t mind sending a promotional tweet. And when necessary, loyal customers will even defend your brand name during a PR mishap.

To achieve customer loyalty, your Saas needs to offer unprecedented value to your buyers. You don’t just give them a product; instead, your team is providing an experience.

“Customer loyalty is built upon consistently positive, high-value experiences with a brand, often exceeding customer expectations. Loyalty goes beyond satisfying needs or wants. It’s an emotional connection to a brand that customers love…

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