Consumer vs. Physicians Attitudes Toward Health Products Advertising

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Consumer vs. Physicians attitudes toward health products advertising

Nowadays many advertisements of health products are placed on many satellite channels. These health products include medications. Accordingly, consumers may perceive these ads in a way that differs from physicians and each would have different attitudes. Previous studies have shown that physicians generally would be opposed to health care advertising for a number of reasons. For example, doctors might feel that medical professionals should eschew advertising because: "the public must be protected against fraudulent and unscrupulous promoters;" "advertising would lower the prestige of professionals in the public's eye;" and "it is an expense which would not necessarily
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His way is gained through the ads he watches on Television and advertisements found in periodicals or on satellite channels and daily newspapers. The commercial instinct has nourished the medication that the world is facing a serious health problem. Many attractive packages of powders, tablets, pills and liquids for heart disease, synthetics, narcotics and drugs are sometimes formed by irresponsible people who might acknowledge slightly in medicine and pharmacy formulas. Yet they have the money to advertise the products. The author believes the pharmacists and physicians are both to be blamed for the previous situation (Sayre, 1907).
Furthermore, the author stated that there are sensitive or death related drugs which are put to testing and examination prior being placed in the market. The medicines’ formula, product result and components are to be appropriately inspected by responsible people. All this should be accomplished without violating the promoters or manufacturers’ rights. Manufacturers or remedial agents are also forced by the law to sustain a precise and definite standard in their producing those agents. This means that the federal government will makes sure to enforce well-defined medicinal agents for the sake of public health and protection (Sayre, 1907). All these stated anticipations are not to impose any injustice on the

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