Benchmarking Case Study: The Plaza Home Health

In Georgetown, the Plaza Home health is a leader in providing home health services. Their commitment to delve home health service excellence has led to their services being of the highest quality much superior to that of their competitors. The entrepreneurs have consistently looked at consolidating their place in the market by financial discipline and outstanding efforts in establishing a brand that would be recognized as being synonymous with the home health service segment. In this case study “Revitalizing a Brand” based on the branding and communication strategies in healthcare organization.

The current marketing communication, identity, and brand position

The Plaza Home health services are recognized as a stimulating brand of marketing
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Benchmarking is an important process of attempting to assess service deliverables of Plaza Home health with competitors in the securities industry. It is visible clear that the weakness and threats in the Plaza experience SWOT analysis should look at benching brand and service are very severe way. Through benchmarking, the Plaza will be capable to wipe out the weaknesses at the time and strategies that are employed threats through combat.
The owners have strong feeling but, reconsidering a logo changes that will adverse effect in the market position to bring valuable lesion that is similar to revitalized brand that will aid the brand of benchmarking. The success of it markets brochure hence if benchmarking is adopted by plaza and the importance of marketing communication. It can reap as well as the firm plaza, but counting is enlarged by customer base.
According to Fortenberry (2010), the case study titled “expectations and experiences” states that the Emerald Hills Medical Center has not established a medical cause for the chief nursing office to put in place at the medical center. The chief nursing officer do not think the advertisement is help to the brands position in health care

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