Swot Analysis Of Thomas Marsden

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Thomas Marsden provide companies with multiple services to make their company better, look more professional and succeed in their respective industries. Government regulations on plagiarism and copy right must be followed by the company at all times, they also must abide by the Can Spam Act 2003. These are the main government legislations followed by the company. Overall the company offer six different services ranging from branding to advertising.

These services include:
• Branding, this service allows clients to better their company through strategies that Thomas Marsden believes will drastically improve their company. They offer brand strategy and positioning, this is a process in which sets a goal for the client with a method of how
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Geoffrey Dollin states “We have relevant industry guidelines published to all staff”. This highlights that the company briefs employees on the practices of safe work and they also state that these guidelines are reinforces for the best possible workplace.
Thomas Marsden must follow the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2017 act as this is the most recent WHS document release by the NSW Government. The company is to follow part 3.2 (General workplace management) as within this part of the document all the basic requirements are stated.
Due to government legislation the complete document is to be followed at all times and the company is to always provide each of their employees with relevant training in the needed areas that are relevant to the workplace. Risks are to be addressed and the safe work practices are to be addressed and accreditation is required to avoid illegal use of materials.
Safe Work Practices that are taught at Thomas Marsden are the basic office practices. These
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• Seating must provide good support (chairs provided by the workspace promote healthy seating posture through ergonomic design, they are also height adjustable).
• Adequate table must be used (desks are provided at reasonable height and the chairs can come up to that height. The use of desk extensions is used as well so employees are able to stand up whilst doing work, this promotes blood flow and healthy workplace

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