Pharmasim Case Study Solution

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Register to read the introduction… OCM is concerned primarily with marketing activities of Allround brand and any line extensions or new product introductions. Brand Management Group at OCM
Marketing management group responsible for Allround consists of brand manager, assistant brand manager, and brand assistant.
Brand assistant has major inputs on decisions related to retail price, promotional allowances, consumer and trade promotional expenditures, advertising expenditures, and number of direct and indirect sales force personnel committed to Allround brand.
Assistant brand manager has input to aforementioned issues but is also concerned with development of pricing discount structure as well as more of the specifics of promotional programs, including advertising message, advertising agency, and trade and consumer promotions.
Brand manager is responsible for all aspects of marketing decisions for Allround program. Is also responsible for more detailed aspects of advertising messsage, competitor to position, choice of target segments, and details of how promotional allowances and promotions are allocated across various distribution
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Allergies share many similar symptoms to cold and therefore often grouped with cold remedies.
Products formulated specifically for allergy relief medicines are available, common in industry to consider relief from allergy symptoms as a separate consumer need.
Chronic allergy sufferrers tend to have diff. usage patterns and more concerns about side effects because of the duration of the symptoms.
Brand Formulation
Six basic types of ingredients used to formulate OTC brands. Each ingredient targets one of five basic symptoms.
Analgesics provided relief for aches and fever.
Anthihistamines reduce secretions that cause runny nose and watery eyes.
Decongestants reduce nasal congestion by shrinking blood vessels in nose lining to clear passages and restore free breathing.
Cough suppressants reduce cough reflex.
Expectorants provide relief from chest congestion by loosening the

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