Morrisons Swot Analysis Essay

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SWOT analysis:
Following section covers the SWOT model analysis of Morrison that focuses on its key strengths, weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats and it helps in assessing it against other players in the Supermarket business.
S- Strengths:
Below are the key strengths of Morrisons:
1. Quality of fresh foods: Morrison is the 2nd largest fresh food manufacturer in UK (Morrisons, 2015). Quality of fresh foods, which are prepared in-store, allows customers to choose from a variety of fresh food items, which is a major strength of Morrisons and is also widely acknowledged by its customer base.
2. Multiple Sales Channel: Morrisons has started M-local convenience stores to cater for day-to-day shopping requirements and online shopping & food delivery
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Limited presence in Southern UK: Morrisons only expanded its operation in the Southern part of the UK in 2004 after the acquisition of Safeway superstores and still heavily relies on the Northern part of the UK which accounts for the major chunk of the sales revenue. This leaves Morrisons vulnerable to any adverse fluctuations in the economic activity of the Northern part of the UK.
2. Operations only in UK: Morrisons only operates in the UK market. Its main competitors ASDA and TESCO operate globally and are in a better position to offset their UK losses against any foreign gains whereas Morrisons has to bear the losses (UK Essays, 2015).
O- Opportunities
1. Online Business: E-commerce is increasingly becoming socially popular and more and more people are shopping for their grocery needs on-line. Morrisons can improve its website and develop a more robust delivery system. Hence it can improve on its revenues and market share.
2. Operation expansion in Developing countries: Morrisons should expand its operations in to lucrative developing economies such as India, China, Brazil where there is middle class consume base and further consolidate its position as a highly trusted supplier of quality fresh food products.

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