Concept 1: Overview Of Education In Nursing

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Concept 1: Overview of education in healthcare
This concept covers the historical foundation of the nurse educator in healthcare, the learning theories in practice, the principle and concepts of health education. The definition of health education will cover the patients’ education for health outcomes, the nurse role and the nursing practice education
1.1 Personal context.
It was a good experience looking at the aspects of education in 3 dimensions, the patient, the nurse responsibility and the nursing profession. It is interesting to be able to identify myself as a patient educator and to take it as my independent role. It is an aspect of nursing practice that needs to be emphasized as it is losing its value in nursing milieu.
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Empowerment occurs when they set goals is to increase the capacity of patients to think critically and make autonomous, informed decisions. Empowerment also occurs when patients are actually making autonomous, informed decisions about their diabetes self-management.
Concept 3: Health programs in the community
Introduction: Health programs in the community are strategies or initiatives carried out to address the health issues or concerns of the community with a goal of achieving a healthier community. This means, identifying health problems and threats to health and responding to them promptly. In addition, communities need to be educated.
3.1. Personal context:
As for me, community programs are the best ways to involve community members into their health and it is a very useful tool for participation and ownership of programs. It also facilitate the penetration of the needed services to all the layers of the community thereby bridging the gap between the reached and unreached with essential health services or amenities
3.2 Social
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Because learning and behavior change is the focus, in this age of technology, information is delivered in an entertaining fashion.
6.1 Personal context:
I consider health education a pillar in patients’ health outcomes. All means available should be used to ensure an individual; a community internalizes the information necessary for healthy behavior. New and emerging technology tools assist a nurse in making teaching much easier and much more fun.
6.2 Social context.
The integration of technology in teaching is a change that faces challenges of acceptance by both teachers and students. Change is inevitable therefore the integration of technology will be fully established with time. For the learners, it is important to use the technology tool to learn and not just visualize it being used to demonstrate a concept.
6.3 Application in current job:
The technology such as computers is our working tools. We use it to prepare and deliver teachings among many other computer

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