Our Health Our Future Analysis

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Our Health Our future
Our Health Our Future is an online forum where youth, caregivers and Canadians can share their opinions on the determinants of health that contribute to childhood obesity and options that can influence and support healthy choices. Key stakeholders including parents, the media and aboriginal groups were invited to share their perspectives. This resulted in a report being made to guide the government on the areas of needs of the country and where we can make improvements in order to facilitate easier, healthier decision-making. Our Health, Our Future was a blend of both community-based and community development. The program was community-based due to the fact that there was a planned behavioral change, and the program did
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The program was established in 2011 and was a 6-month long data collection program. Due to the short time frame, it is ultimately missing an evaluative component of how effective the initiative was; without an evaluative component, we are unable to assess how effective the program was and where we can make adjustments and revisions in order to improve the program in the future. Also, as a result of the short time frame, the information from the program has not been updated; with the constant advancement in technology and education, the information from the report may be outdated as it is not an ongoing process. Ultimately, Our Health, Our Future includes data collection information in order to guide federal, provincial and territorial members on how to improve and influence the socio-environmental factors that affect health, but does not directly implement any changes to that would impact these factors or increase …show more content…
The program also creates a supportive environment by advocating for safe and accessible areas for children to engage in physical activity. The program also creates a supportive environment by using data collection to determine the best time to implement physical activity. For example, the report indicated that children were more likely to be active and have free time after school, which would be an ideal time to implement a physical activity program or regime. Our Health, Our Future aims to strengthen community actions by using the community as a resource in the forums. The forums help the community make decisions, plan interventions and implement them to achieve better health. Community development draws on existing resources in the community to enhance the pre-existing programs and works to build on the community’s strengths. The program excels in developing personal skills through providing information and education to make autonomous informed decisions regarding health choices. However, Our Health, Our Future needs work in orienting health services,

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