Computers Advantages And Disadvantages Essay

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Computers are something that people use every day without really thinking much about it. As computers become more advanced it keeps on making our lives, even easier, but is that a good thing? In some ways computers are very helpful, thanks to computers kids in school have better opportunities to learn things much easier than their parents did. Hospital care has also improved thanks to computers. Computers have also made the workplace much easier to work at. But do all the benefits of using Computers out weight the bad ones? There are many benefits of using Computers in the classroom, especially since students are growing up in a place filled up with computers, smartphones, and tablets. Students can use a computers to research and create work. …show more content…
Before students can use a computer effectively, they will need to be instructed on how to use the computer and that can take some time. Computers make also make it so easy to find answers that students barely have to look for them. In a personal interview a friend said, “We use computers to do things faster even if it isn’t the best way” (Vazquez). Even when it comes to answering simple problems on homework, many students seek the answers on a computer instead of trying to find the answer in a book. While having an easy access to information may seem like a great thing, it can become a real problem too, computers have made cheating easier than ever. Suing computers in the classroom can also create distractions, especially when students use them for personal reasons while the teacher is teaching. Students also develop poor writing skills. A computer can auto correct a wrong word which can be helpful when writing important papers but it’s not a good thing in the long …show more content…
Computers have made work for people easier because computers make less mistakes than people, which can save a company time and money. Now, businesses are able to communicate much faster. For instance, email is now the preferred way to communicate within a company and communicating with others such as clients, suppliers, customers...etc. Emails are not only quick but also immediate. There are no disruptions such as when the phone rings. Computers can also be used for scheduling business events and meetings. Computers also allow businesses to store and manage such data as customer information, inventory, sales records, and other information essential to the business. The business can access information anytime of the day or night for quick retrieval and the data is secure. Today, computer technology has allowed products to be built faster. Computers allows for repetitive processing in large scale production such as using robotic devices to build products. An example of a company that uses a lot of computers are the automatic companies, most of their employees are machines that do the hard job and the human employees do the easier jobs. Because most of the work is done by machines that are program with computers, they are able to make their cars faster and affordable to the public. By making their cars affordable, people can buy cars without going into debt. Thanks to cars we are able to get to our

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