Argumentative Essay About Technology

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Albert Einstein once said "I fear the day when technology over laps with humanity the world will only have a generation of idiots." Now we are in a generation where the serious problem is not whether machines think but whether men do. Easy questions like what is life? Is being googled by many. Now a days it is not that we use technology but technology is using us, and controlling us. There are many arguments surrounded technology and ----- The conversation occurring around this topic is---- source I found sums up the debate nicely when Nicolas Carr says " For me, as for others, the net is becoming a universal medium, the conduit for most of the information that flow through my eyes and ears into my mind. The advantage of having immediate access …show more content…
Michaela Cullington and many others believe that technology has bad impact in students. People use to think that grammar was like a personal hygiene, if you ignore your personal hygiene you will get judged so if you’re careless in your grammar you shouldn’t be surprised when people judge you. It is obvious we don’t see that now a days, grammar don’t matter anymore in students’ lives. Chris Weller has stated in his article that texting affects students writing he said “Now a growing body of research is investigating how text messages affect children’s ability to spell and use correct grammar. Most recently, a study from the University of Tasmania found that many of the common “violations” of standard written English, such as using “gonna” in place of “going to” or several exclamation points at a time, may not hurt these formal abilities all that much. Now a days giving a student pen and pencil is pointless because they will leave it blank, but if you give students calculator they can do any questions. We live in a society were most people are dependent in technology, and most people don’t have self confidence in their own capacity. Steve Nelson in his article said “Many so-called educational reformers see technology as the panacea for what ails education in America, but technology is more a cause of what ails education than a cure for it. The cognitive risk of abandoning handwriting is a small manifestation of a huge problem. In the money-driven quest to digitize and automate education, we are neglecting the development of many human capacities than matter

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