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July 2006

The Charles Darwin University Staff Competency Framework
This booklet contains the Staff Competency Framework for Charles Darwin University. The Competency Framework outlines the range of knowledge, skills and attributes required of employees of the University for proficient workplace performance. Application of the framework occurs in the context of an individual’s role, and the recognition that different competencies, and different levels of competency, are necessary to perform a given set of activities.

Competency is defined as the ability to perform tasks and duties to the standard expected in employment. A competency standard is an industry-determined specification of
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Enhance the organisation’s ability to respond to change by supporting the broadening of staff competency sets.

The University will use this competency framework for all these purposes in due course but the immediate uses will be informing the Performance Development Review System (PDRS), the Staff Professional Development Strategy and professional development more broadly.


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Charles Darwin University Staff Competency Framework

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To be a thriving university that dares to be different and takes advantage of its unique geography and demography to benefit the whole community through education, research and community engagement.

University Vision

University Mission
Components of University activity to achieve the Mission

To be: The regional leader in education and research; An asset to the broader community, supporting the social, cultural, intellectual and economic development of Northern Australia and surrounding areas; and To leverage our knowledge and know how internationally for appropriate socioeconomic returns.

Outcomes and Value

Competencies required in the University (overall) to perform this range of

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