Community College Should Not Be Free Essay

1361 Words Feb 19th, 2016 6 Pages
Community College Should Not Be Free President Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders have been discussing making two years of community college tuition free, one hundred percent free on the student’s part. Is it actually free for the students? Doesn’t the United States already have programs that are supposed to help low-income students afford their tuition? How could it affect the taxpayers or even taxes? But the real question is should the United States truly have free community college? The answer to that question is no. College will still be a struggle for lower-income families. The United States already has grants to help lower-income families. Students will still struggle with debt. They may have a budget planned out for this plan, but where is the money coming from? Citizens of the United States’ taxes would become higher. Students have a better chance of graduating if they’re paying for it. For those reasons and many more, the United States should not have free community college. To begin with, several countries overseas have free tuition for their students, including Sweden and Germany. The idea sounds great when so many other countries have free college. Why shouldn’t the U.S. make their tuition free? Students will still struggle with the cost of college. It isn’t just the tuition these kids pay. It’s the rent, the groceries, the textbooks, and much more. Being a full time student and having a full time or even a part time job doesn’t cut it for most students. “In…

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