Community College Should Be Free Essay

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Community College
Have you ever thought of how many students that are capable of going to college but can’t make it because of the money? How many students have a college degree. what 's the average of students with diploma that don 't have a degree. Even though some people believe college shouldn 't be free, I believe community college should be free because is more opportunities for students, increase education throughout the u.s. ,meeting students half way an increase of taxes.

Community college should be free because students would have more opportunities. Community college should be free.Students would get to complete their goals.“At one point, I didn’t see myself going to college after graduation,” he said. “It made me really happy. It really made me set my mind to a goal and accomplish it.”( Sanchez). This program is helpful to students because it gives them a chance to go further in life. students that never had a thought of having a chance to college to accomplish their goal can go and make it come true.This evidence supports the position because it shows how can one thing change throughout the community and individuals.

This helps and benefits everyone because it would be better jobs.”They train technicians for jobs in leading-edge industries and grant associate 's degrees that let students finish the last half of their higher education at a four-year institution.” (The Editors). Students is going to go for higher degrees and a better jobs. This would…

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