College Should Not Be Free College Essay

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There are a variety of countries around the world which offer free college such as: Brazil, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, and Slovenia. Although America does not offer free college currently, there has been in quite a few debates regarding this lately. Some presidential candidates such as Bernie Sanders have been pushing a free college idea. This is one way to attract countless young people that will be going to college soon. ¨College tuition is roughly $32,000 in private schools, $9,500 for in state public colleges, and $24,000 for out of state students per year¨ (¨How Much Will Free¨…). This results in a large amount of college students being in extreme debt. College should not be free because this will mean giving free education to many that already could afford to go, allow all these unprepared students into the college 's, cause an increase in cost needed compared to a tuition based system, and an assortment people do not understand the economical effects that this has. Numerous resources show that free college would benefit the rich more than the poor. According to Andrew Kelly, ¨ due to the help of already existing federal financial aid, families that can not afford college do not pay the tuition cost at two year colleges.¨ Grants, money given to college students, are already given to a variety of people in the low income and middle income families. This gives the privilege of college to even people that can not afford to go. College students do not have to be…

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