Essay on College Education And The United States

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Having your college education taken away from you is like striping away your future. Students in the United States should not have their education and future striped away from them therefore, community colleges must be free to attend and state colleges need to lower their tuition in order for student to continue their education. For those who are interested in continuing their education, could benefit from this, they can become successful and live a better life. They wouldn’t have to worry about loans they have to pay off, and they won’t feel the need to dropout the minute they feel that it’s becoming too much. There is an article that states that “The Educational Policy Institution conducted a study of college affordability and the United States was surpassed by countries like Ireland, Germany, and Canada, it was also ranked thirteenth place among sixteen international jurisdiction”(Discoll). The United States is charging more than it should when it comes to an education. In Finland, Belgium, and Sweden the college tuition is completely free unlike the United States (Discoll). It also states that a high school diploma has essentially been replaced by a four-year college degree in order to be successful in this modern career world (Discoll). Most high school students don’t go to college because of the tuition, it has built up so much over the years that they cannot afford it at all and it all goes back to community college being free to attend and state colleges lowering…

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