College Dropout Identification : An Economic Analysis Essay

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What factors contribute to the success of students in the classroom and throughout their educational career. The aim of this paper is to investigate research related to both college dropout statistics Blanchfield 's (1972) “College Dropout Identification: an Economic Analysis” as well as looking at classroom practices that can contribute to success Tyler, Taylor, Kane, Wooten 's (2010) “Using Student Performance to Identify Classroom Practices” lastly the paper will focus on one learning technique Ingram & Adams ' (2003) “Effects of Team Learning on Success Rates in Introductory Finance Classes” and the impact that style has on a students Success. This paper will utilize research and statistics to discover what factors can aid a student in succeeding in their education.

The topic of student success is of interest to me both personally as a student and professionally as a business leader hoping to help and teach others. As a student the research and statistics I have used in this paper will help me to understand what study styles can help me succeed utilizing data from techniques proven to be successful for other students. Professionally as a business leader I will often have to teach, train, and otherwise lead groups of students through educational material, information on how this is done most effectively will aid me in increasing the performance of those classes.

In every school there are students who will succeed and students who will not, for the purposes of this…

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