Cognitive, Affective, And Physical Domains Are Measured By Assessments

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For this learning segment, the cognitive, affective, and physical domains are measured by assessments give during the learning segment In the cognitive domain a pre and post written test, cross word puzzle, labeling the lines on the field sheet and exit slips were used. To measure the psychomotor domain, I used pre and post skills tests and a score card for station 7 in lesson plan number 2. The affective domain is measured by the use of exit slips in lessons 2, 3, and at the end of this unit. ]
b. Provide a graphic (table or chart) or narrative that summarizes evidence of student learning for your whole class (or, if more than 30 students, group) in the psychomotor domain and at least one other domain (cognitive and/or affective). Be sure to summarize student learning for all evaluation criteria submitted in Assessment Task 3, Part D.
[ I took the Pre and post scores from Dribbling and Passing, created a chart for each and it shows the students did increase their skill level. The pre and post tests were graded differently, but the totals are comparable. The psychomotor skill level for these students increased in both the Dribbling and the Passing skill set. More students were able to contact the ball correctly, keep it under control while running for forward and keeping their eyes up. The students also improved their passing skills, passing the ball with the correct foot fall patter was the biggest improvement. Cognitive the students Pre and post test scores also…

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