Coca Col Make It Happy Essay example

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Make it happy. This is the hashtag associated with the Coca-Cola commercial. The hashtag, along with addressing the issue of bullying, relates this brand to a younger audience. The commercial also lures in an audience of any age by associating happiness to Coca-Cola. Music and special effects also are applied to relate to and retain the interest of the viewers. The Coca-Cola commercial connects to several distinct audiences and conveys the message that Coca-Cola causes happiness along maintaining the viewer 's attention with music and sparkles.
The hashtag, make it happy, aims this commercial towards a younger crowd. Older people tend not to use hashtags or are unaware hashtags exist. However, hashtags have emerged into a popular trend with the younger generation on social media. The adoption of the hashtag in this Coca-Cola commercial relates to the majority of teens and younger adults. With the background knowledge and connection solid, their attention is effortlessly held and they will remember the commercial vividly. This relation with the younger generation makes those watchers susceptible to the inspirational and happy emotions promoted. The positive relationship between Coca-Cola and the viewer allows the watcher to accept the ideas presented during the commercial.
Bully victims and those promoting awareness of bullying are another audience. This commercial addresses cyberbullying by featuring two of the people as bully victims, the first man and the…

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