Essay on Co Op Experience Final Report

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Co-Op Experience Final Report
During this co-op experience I worked a total of 163 hours. I began my co-op experience on October 10th, 2016 and ended on December 09th, 2016. I would like to claim this credit for the semester of Fall 2016. My experience during this experience was outstanding, I learned many new things and was impressed how I was able to apply everything from school to this job. It made me realize I have chosen the right job field to go into. For my co-op experience I worked for Central Ohio Clinic of Chiropractic. They opened their doors on October 10, 2011 and are located at 830 Delaware Ave, Marysville, Ohio 43040. This office is owned and operated by Dr. Brett Blitzstein, DC and his wife Moira Blitzstein. They are a traditional chiropractic office, but offer more than a five-point adjustment. Dr. Blitzstein is a diversified chiropractor, practicing not only in spinal work, but extremity adjustments as well. This office offers therapies, such as electronic stimulation and traction, and have a massage therapist on-site. This office also offers new patients a free ice pack and have items available for sale. These items include tri-core pillows, Bio-Freeze, and vitamins. This office has no mission statement. In this position, I was responsible for answering phones, making, rescheduling and cancelling appointments, checking insurance for co-pays, deductibles and co-insurances, and helping patients on and off of therapies. I was also responsible for billing…

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