Co Op Advertising Rules & Guidelines Essay

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What is Co-Op Advertising?
The co-op (cooperative) advertising program is designed to encourage advertising at the dealer level while maintaining a consistent marketing strategy. It is designed to assist dealers with the costs of advertising and promotion of select products distributed by Rural Energy. Simply stated, co-op advertising is an advertising partnership between two or more companies that share in the chain between manufacturing and retail.
How It Works
A ‘Cooperative Advertising Fund’ is established for each dealer, consisting of an advertising ALLOWANCE based on 2% of their net purchases, for the heating season year (June 1 through May 31). Approved claims will be honored for 50% of the documented cost of an advertising or promotional expense up to the amount contained in each dealer co-operative advertising fund.
Submitting pre-approval requests
It is recommended that advertising created by you or your local media be pre-approved by Rural Energy to ensure that ads meet all requirements to qualify for reimbursement.
How to submit for Pre-Approval?
Email: No form is required. Simply email with the proposed copy of your ad, radio script, etc. You will receive a response via email to all Pre-Approval requests within 2 business days. Email approval cannot be used in lieu of standard documentation when filing claims.
Submitting A Claim
Claims must be submitted online or mailed and postmarked within 60 days…

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