Clothing: Persuasive Techniques Used In Commercial Advertising

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The commercial ad “J.O.C. Clothing” is what I’m gonna do my paper on. In this ad made by Oliva, Chris, and Jackson, their main persuasive technique was being snobby and using bandwagon a lot. They wanted the audience to think you’d be way cooler than everyone else if you wore their clothes. If you wanted to gain popularity you should wear their clothes. This ad would probably draw closer to either someone who wanted to be popular or someone who already is popular but wants to become higher in popularity.
For their persuasive technique “Bandwagon” they made the audience feel as if they needed to buy their clothing line or they’d be left out. It mostly stands out to teens because they feel the need to fit in more especially in high school.
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Ethos was used because you're relying on their word that it’ll be the best of the best, that the fabric the clothing is made from is really as good as they say. So you're gonna have to or want to trust their credibility. Pathos was used to hit your emotions by looking and acting very happy in their ad and by saying things like it’ll make you more popular or it’ll make you better than people who wear just ‘regular’ clothes. Logos was used when it got down to the different percentages in the material they used, and the percentages of the people who prefer to wear their clothing over other clothing lines.

Overall I think their commercial was great it would for sure catch the eyes of teenagers. I for one would want to buy their clothes, because they'd be the latest trend. The clothes looked very comfortable with the way they model them. Everything looked very natural and in order so that makes them look better. I think bandwagon and snob appeal was perfect for this ad, because it’s dealing with clothing and the best way to sell it is to make people think it’s the best and no clothes are better, that you’ll be better if you wear they’re clothes. This commercial ad was my favorite because of how they sold it, how it was laid out and how they presented

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