The Effects Of Children During The Great Depression

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The Great Depression of 1929-1939 might not be anyone’s favorite time period, but there were many aspects from which today’s American youth could learn. This time period caused heartache for many Americans, but today people have forgotten what it is like to live without certain supplies. Some Americans might not have ever even known what it is like to improvise with what they had while the people who endured the depression learned to appreciate and be thankful for the bare necessities. During the Great Depression, many families did not know if they would be able to eat from day to day. If they did get an entire meal, absolutely nothing would be wasted. Most families that had food to eat grew it in their own garden. Some even had gardens that grew vegetables, orchards that grew fruit, and even fields full of a variety of crops. …show more content…
More than likely anyone that gets hungry will cook at home, or pick up something in town. The options are endless for families today. Children today will walk up and look at a cabinet full of food and swear there is nothing to eat in the entire house. The child is supposedly starving and has to eat immediately; therefore, he or she gets in the car and goes to buy something to eat. What would the children during the Great Depression do if they walked up to a cabinet full of food? Would they walk away unsatisfied? Women during the Great Depression were required to have at least one skill, and that skill was sewing. If the woman could not sew, then most families had no clothes to wear. Each person had two outfits each, one for weekday wear and one for church wear. They did not have the money nor the store options to go shopping and buy several outfits a day. Clothing might not have been a major issue in the Great Depression, but compared to the high-end retail stores of today, it is definitely a major

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