Client Centered Health Care Worker Essay

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There are multiple factors at play when it comes to defining person-centred, patient or client-centred health care. The main features of client-centred health care derived from the literature can be encompassed within the concept of partnership. The most important message is that client-centred care is about a collaborative and respectful partnership between the health care worker and patient. The health care worker respects the contribution the patient can make to their own health, such as their values, goals, past experience, and knowledge of their own health needs, and the patient respects the contribution the health care worker can make, including their professional expertise and knowledge, information about the options available to the patient, and their values and experience. Both the health care worker and patient are important as people within the partnership, neither is interchangeable and the experiences of one cannot be transferred to another. Client-centred approaches are not only necessary, but also sufficient. Client-centred perspectives are universally acknowledged and according to Bott (2001), readers of Carl Rogers made the argument that the relationship between a warm, empathetic, and unconditionally accepting therapist and her or his client enables the client to heal and self-actualize. The principles of client-centred care, are all encompassed within the concept of partnership. These are some of the vital principles that were reoccurring in the…

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