Difference Between Worldviews

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Everyone has their own worldviews based on what they believe in regardless if it is Christians, Catholics, Mormons, or Atheists. Christians everywhere realize that there is conflict around the world regarding what they believe in. There has been a struggle between Christianity and other religions and cultures. Looking around you and seeing through the eyes that were given you start to see the differences between what other believe in. There can be people who believe in God and the sacrifice that Jesus has done for us so that we can live. Then there are others who believe that there is no God like atheist or believe in multiple stages of heaven like Mormons. The main point is what you believe and gets you through your days. For instance, Christianity is a huge part of so many lives. They rely on God to provide strength and love to get them through their everyday lives. Then to ask for Jesus to be with them as they take each step as they continue on living. The Christian worldview is based on God, your humanity, Jesus, events revolving Christianity, strengths or weaknesses, and your personal views on this religion. God is the reason we are all here in the …show more content…
God had his son go to earth after dying so he can show the miracles of God’s true power. Jesus started off as a man. He read scriptures in the temple. It is said he was raised in a Jewish home and was raised to read Hebrew Scriptures which was called the Old Testament. He did many teachings to all different kinds of people (Merrick, 2014). Jesus’ words mean having a passionate devotion to God. Having so much love for our god is being devoted to him completely involving emotional, volitionally, or cognitively (Dockery, 1995). Everything Jesus has ever done was in the word of god and was just doing what God told him to do. He did all this so people can see the true power God can do for his people and provide faith to those he loves the

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