Essay on Childhood Development And Development Opportunities

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Children’s brains develop rapidly in their first 5 years that will help build

a strong foundation for future outcomes in school and life. CDF works to ensure access

to quality childhood and development opportunities.

Valuable education and social experiences in high quality child care have a

positive influence on children 's development and school readiness. Failure to make

investments can lead to greater educational failures and fewer adults prepared to be

good parents to the next generation of children.

Healthy early childhood development (ECD) in the early child period such as

Lester 2

physical social/emotional and language cognitive domains of development all strongly

influence the wellbeing of children helping to stunt mental health, obesity, and heart

disease. Enabling competence in literacy and numeracy criminality, and economic

participation throughout their life.

Criteria for successful implementation was particularly focused on low…

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