Advantage Of Daycare Essay

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Advantages of a High Quality Daycare When expecting a baby a parent must begin thinking of who will be caring for the baby when the parent is ready to go back to work. There are many childcare options to decide on, and a high quality daycare is a good choice. A daycare can be a platform for learning and helping children grow into well rounded adults, and can have lasting effects into adult hood. In a daycare, children are taught at a young age about manners, sharing and rules. They are also in a curriculum environment, learn how to socialize at a young age, and are provided with reliable childcare for an opportunity for parents of all sorts to continue work or an education. What makes a daycare center a high quality daycare center …show more content…
Independence is a key factor in raising children, a child most learn how to do things with out a parent. An early education improves behavior and socialization; children who begin daycare or preschool by age three have better relationships with their peers (Bateman). A daycare brings children together to engage in communication and creative play with other children, which is necessary for good social skills. Children that sit at home watching TV and playing video games are not being socialized, which can result in bad behavior. Also, children get to bond with kids before going into kindergarten and may make the change into a traditional school much easier. In a daycare environment children learn to use manners and put them to use. At home, children are not around as many people and don 't use manners with peers in real life situations. The same goes for sharing when staying home a child is the lone holder of all toys while, in daycare they must learn to share with all toys. This is something that is important to learn, especially once a child starts school. Children who start daycare and preschool by age three score higher grades while in school and are more likely to go to college and hold on

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