Head Start Research Paper

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“their budget impairs their ability to retain teachers”. This is very true. Our society is extremely competitive and many teachers leave one job to pursue other employment with greater benefits. If Head Start lowers pay, then why would educators with a master’s in education, even consider working for this agency that pays lower than what a traditional teacher makes? It wouldn’t make any sense if they did. Project Head State should follow their promise by improving support for their children, but must keep in mind of their teachers and staff too.
To improve the quality of Head Start programs, teachers need to meet higher standards and should have an increase in pay. According to W. Steven Barnett, he states that, “The National Research Council
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Those domains are: Language and literacy, cognition and general knowledge, approaches to learning, physical development and health, and social and emotional development. Teachers and parents work together to promote this belief “school readiness”, by engaging families in their children’s educational lives. As children grow, so does their school readiness, they will possess the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to succeed in school for later learning and …show more content…
Well, let’s look at the statistics. According to the article, “Does Head Start Work?” written by Sight. She states that, “fewer Head Start students were assigned to special education classes when they reached middle school age (14% for Head Start students; 29% for those non-Head Start students), fewer were retained from grade to grade (25% versus 31%), and increased achievement test scores in high school (Richmond, 1988, p. 311). Richmond also determined that Head Start students revealed encouraging social and emotional advantages. There were less teen pregnancy (6.4% versus 11.7%) and crime (31% versus 51%) (Richmond, 1988, p. 312).” This data offers evidence that programs like Head Start can make a huge change in a young child’s

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