Business Case Study: The Chevrolet Motor Company

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The Chevrolet Motor Company was founded in 1911, in a Flint, Michigan garage. It was an agreement between partners Louis Chevrolet, a Belgian race car driver and William Durant, who was an entrepreneur and the founder of General Motors. The company was a result of Durant trying to find a way to compete with Ford Motor Company and their ever so popular Model T, and this was done by Durant needing more models of cars to go against the single model vehicle of Ford. Chevrolet’s first model cost $2,000, this was a fairly high priced item for that time, which frustrated Durant because he wanted to compete with Ford directly when it came to price. This lead to a major argument between the two owners, that resulted in Chevrolet leaving the company, but the named stayed after the feud. So from the beginning all Chevrolet was trying to do was to compete directly with Ford and other motor companies and be known as the best option available to all buyers. So for the past 100 years, the Chevrolet brand has been associated with almost every car model and make on the road to this day. It spanned from a simple two door car all the way to large truck and SUVs. Their broad portfolio of cars has been backed with a strong pedigree of reliability, comfort, and safety. So when it comes to Chevrolet’s product mix it includes a sports car, a muscle car, a full …show more content…
While trying to stay true to their roots of being a direct competitor to the main competition of Ford. But by doing this Chevrolet ran into some economic difficulties which resulted in the company having to accept a public bailout. This gave many of their competitors a plethora of opportunities to become the leader in the industry. This paired with the outlandish consumer and regulatory demands, make it even more difficult for Chevrolet to raise standards while also expanding their already vast product

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