Learning Styles: Why Students Don T Learn

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Why Students Aren’t Learning
If we are sending our children to school to learn, then why are we sending them? School is supposed to be a place where students are able to learn and grow as individuals, but for some students, this is not the case. There are many issues within our school systems; some of these issues are how students interpret, organize and represent information. Usually, teachers lecture on a subject to teach their class. This is a problem because everyone does not learn the same. Many students have different learning styles, which has everything to do with how students learn their subject matter.
There are many different ways a student can learn. In the article “ The 7 Different Types of Learning Styles”, the author presents
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Some styles of learning such as solitary and logical learners are introverted and prefer to be in an environment where there isn’t a lot of noise and movement. For instance, if these students were to be but in an environment where they would have to do group activity or project, people might think their rude; but this is not the case because of there introverts. On the other hand, physical and social learners prefer group activities and projects because of their extroverts. In the article, “Social/Interpersonal Learning Style: Characteristics & Strategies”, they claim that “This type of learner will be more motivated than most to express their own thoughts and feelings while respecting the thoughts and feelings of others”(Source 2). This reinstates why the environment of each learner is important. If we want the best for our students we need to put them in the best environments, so they can …show more content…
These problems will not be solved by themselves, therefore it is up to us as citizens to take action and resolve them. With there being many different learning styles, we need to be able to cater to all students to create a healthy learning environment for all students to learn as well as the other. I am not against school systems, I just feel like the system needs to be reevaluated to benefit all students and not just one type. Therefore, when students go to school they all have an equal opportunity of getting an education.

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