Cellphones Use A Distraction With Students Essay

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Students across the world are now using cellphones in the classroom. Students are using cellphones whether they are permitted or not. Cellphone use in school should not be permitted. Students need to get back in the classroom, verses in their cellphones. Cellphone use can be a distraction with students in the classroom. Cellphone use in schools have become a controversial topic among educators and students.
Students should not be using cellphones in the classroom. Students pay more attention to their cellphones than, reading or writing. Schools across the world have either banned them or embraced them. Some distractions of cellphone use are playing games, texting or watching tv/videos. There has even been a case where students are making drug deals. Teachers feel that student are being disrespectful, while teaching students are on their phones. Meador relates to students as, “digital native”. Most schools here in Arkansas have a full ban on them. With the use of cellphones in the classroom, classroom participation has decreased. Robert Earl states it best:
When the teacher is busy helping another student, or writing on the board, out comes the phones as students send instant messages to friends, listen to music, or watch videos on the Internet. Eventually, the teacher notices and warns them that their phones will be confiscated. The phones disappear with reluctant obedience until the next opportunity arises to surreptitiously pull them out again. (Earl)
While majority of…

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