Essay about Cell Phones And Its Impact On The World

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With the ability to also act as a calculator, camera, and gaming device, cellular devices have access to many other apps that would broaden its versatility and practicality for its user. Weighing over two pounds and approximately nine inches tall, the first cell phone was invented in 1970 's. Since then, cell phones now come in a variety of sizes and can weigh roughly a quarter of a pound. With the overall population of the world to be over seven billion a large portion of that are minors and students. Whether in the third grade or being in college, the vast majority of present-day students possess a cell phone, including myself and many of my peers. In my Introduction to Biology lab course, it was found that 24 out of the 24 students owned a cellular device; only 1 out of the 24 was not a smartphone. With this being said and applying this to my Introduction to Biology lecture, it can be assumed that out of the nearly 400 students, the large majority – if not all – owns a cellular device. However, a questions arises with the many complaints of cell phones being a distraction from many teachers and school districts: Should cell phones be allowed in the classroom? Robert Earl provides his perspective on this question in his article from *The Atlantic* "Do Cell Phones Belong in the Classroom?" Earl, a Naval Academy graduate and Rhodes Scholar, observed numerous classrooms for many years and have found that some schools had encouraged the use of cell phones because cell phones…

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