Case Study Enjoy Your Life

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Case Study: Enjoy Your Life
1. Why do you think health care providers often struggle in the transition from provider to patient? What might prevent them from seeking out care?
Since Christiane is a well-educated clinician and works in the emergency room. She is familiar with reporting diagnoses and bad outcomes to patients. She also provides discharge instructions to the patients telling them the importance of following up on their lab draws and office visits. Although she expresses the necessity to her patients about following up with their doctors on a regular basis, she does not apply those rules to herself. As a provider, she may have researched her medical condition of cranial cysts and found that only a small percentage of patients with
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I admire the doctor for suggesting to “enjoy what you have left of your life”, rather than suggesting that they could possibly use chemotherapy, radiation and multiple other drugs to attack the tumor, but would also be detrimental for the body to endure. If I was going to die because of a medical condition that was incurable, I would want to enjoy what I had left of my life as well. Surrounded by friends and family, laughing, relaxing, and enjoying every last minute we would get to spend together. In an article When Treating Cancer Is Not an Option, written by Jane Brody and published in the New York Times, many doctors discussed how to approach patients, what to say, and how to encourage them along the way. Doctor Smith stated, “our job is not to force them into acceptance but to encourage them to plan for the worst while hoping for the best… Such patients have better outcomes, less depression and less distress, and they’re more likely to die comfortably at home” (Brody, 2012). I really appreciated this message because it puts the patient first. It respects their wishes of not receiving treatment while allowing them to make most what they have left in life.
3. Have you ever been a patient during your time as a health professions student? How do you think your profession influenced your behavior as a patient? If you have not been a patient, how do you think your behavior might be influenced by your position as a health care professions

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